BritMex 2014

BritMex event 2014, Promotional video BritMex is all about empowering, inspiring & facilitating bi-cultural partnerships amongst future leaders and entrepreneurs. BritMex aims to ensure that future and current generations of leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from both countries have an opportunity to meet, co-create & learn about entrepreneurship and innovation as a lifestyle choice. Co-Founders: Cynthia Vega, […]

Channel 5 News

I have the incredible privilege of working for one of the major news channels in England. My role as Assistant News Editor is to help shape the programme: anything from finding guests to going out and doing interviews my self. I also deal with logistics, planning stories, working with cameramen, briefing our presenters on stories […]

Writer for The Student Journals

I have recently joined the ranks at The Student Journals as a film and culture writer. The pieces will start to trickle out and I will list them here as soon as they are published. Published work: REVIEW: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL “Ever since his feature length film debut, Rushmore (1998), Wes Anderson’s style has been undeniable. Well before “hipsters” […]