About Me

I am a Mexican multimedia/broadcast journalist living in the UK. I grew up in Monterrey, México, a city a couple of hours south of the border with Texas, USA.  Austin, TX was my home for a year (2008) and I have UK based since 2011 when I came over to do an MA in Multimedia Journalism at the University of Kent. Since then I have been freelancing for TV and Radio as a producer, reporter, planner, social media person etc. I’ve worked with the BBC, ITV Meridian, ITN (Mainly C5 News). I love working on multi-platform stories, fighting with FCPX, tinkering with websites, harnessing the power of social media, and pointing my camera at things.

However, most the week you can find me at the Centre For Journalism teaching all things tech/broadcast to undergrad and post grad students(and occasionally doing some research). My work with Kent has allowed me to get involved in setting up and running KMTV, an innovative collaboration between the University of Kent and the Kent Messenger Group. I coordinate our intern program, help train our students with advanced broadcast skills, forward planning, guest management, the lot!