Worldwide Association of Women Writers and Journalists

AMMPE‘s World Congress is coming to London in 2018

I am part of the organising committee in charge of our website, social media presence, and more. Our next Congress is in London on the 6-9 November 2018. Our theme is “Telling the whole story; a complex world needs all its story tellers”. This is a volunteer position where I represent the University of Kent. I am also responsible for our webpage and social media presence.

Interactive video explaining Art 50 ruling

Brexit can be very confusing (even for experts). So in the interest of explaining a complicated legal case regarding who had the constitutional authority to trigger Art 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and formally begin the process of Brexit, I teamed up with another lecturer the University of Kent to create this interactive video. I did all the all the technical production as well as the edit and online assembly. Oh to live in times of Brexit…

CIFA – Convention of Independent Financial Advisors 2017

I was part of a two person crew that covered CIFA’s International Forum 2017 in Monaco. Our job consisted in producing end of the day bulletins wrapping up the main themes of the conference, plus interviewing over 40 attendees. The conference focused on how finance and civil society can work together to address global poverty and development.

Research Associate at Cumberland Lodge

During it’s 70th anniversary, I have been tasked with created multimedia content to celebrate and tell the story of this remarkable place. This was a volunteer position.

A short documentary video about Amy Buller’s groundbreaking 1943 book, ‘Darkness over Germany’, republished in 2017 as ‘Darkness over Germany: A Warning from History’ by Arcadia Books and launched on 16 May 2017 at St Paul’s Cathedral, London. ‘Darkness over Germany: A Warning from History’ provides a timely reminder of how a message of hate once fuelled a nation to unite. It delivers a stark warning from history of how a man with little political experience rose up as a voice of the people, a voice for the disenfranchised who were suffering the injustices of social inequality and unemployment. The hate and support grew until every problem the nation had was the fault of others. Then the nationalism became militarised and the hate led to a devastating war and genocide. All this came from an anger at the failures of politicians and a burning desire for change.

This video also charts the establishment of the educational foundation at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park, 70 years ago, as a result of Buller’s book and with the support of the King and Queen, to help ensure that what happened in Germany in the 1930s will never be repeated. It features readings by the actress Tamsin Greig, excerpts from addresses by Dr Rowan Williams and Baroness Butler-Sloss, and interviews with Jane Furniss (Trustee of Cumberland Lodge), Professor Kurt Barling (Professor of Journalism at Middlesex University London, and author of the foreword to the new edition of ‘Darkness over Germany’), Katherine O’Lone (Amy Buller PhD Scholar at Cumberland Lodge) and Canon Vincent Strudwick (an early visitor to Cumberland Lodge in the 1950s, who met Amy Buller in person).

With grateful thanks to Laura Garcia (Research Associate at Cumberland Lodge and Lecturer at the University of Kent) for producing this video.

Journalism Lecturer – University of Kent

I teach camera work, video editing, radio production, interactive online journalism, immersive storytelling and overall multimedia skills.
My work includes running our intern programme at KMTV from scheduling shifts to delivering advanced broadcast journalism skills training and specialist knowledge consulting.
I also supervise 3rd year projects and represent the Centre for Journalism at the University of Kent’s Internationalisation Group and Athena Swan.

I have become responsible for generating and curating content for the Centre for Journalism‘s different social networks. I create and upload promotional and educational Youtube videos as well as tweet from @CFJKent.

I received the Barbara Morris Teaching Prize 2015 and the Seminar Leader Prize 2015 in recognition of my support teaching role.

Twitter stream

twitter event display

Part of the content I create for the Centre’s youtube channel is a series of promotional interviews with alumni who have moved on to work in the industry.

My work also involved creating other promotional videos capturing different activities at the Centre: from newsdays to #KentExtra courses open to all University of Kent students.

Furthermore, I also create online video tutorials for our students answering some of the most common questions and problems they encounter when working with the different softwares we teach.


KMTV is a brand new TV channel jointly run by the KM Media Group and theUniversity of Kent. The Centre for Journalism has an international reputation for excellence and has been ranked first in the UK for journalism in the Guardian’s 2015 University Guide. The KM Group operates a network of kmfm radio stations and the UK’s fastest-growing digital regional news network, KentOnline.

My work involves managing our internship programme as well as delivering specialist training skills for our students who work on our special programmes.

Paul on Politics – Kent’s political landscape

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Chris & Co – All things business in Kent

Assistant News Editor at ITN

I had the incredible privilege of working for one of the major news channels in the UK: ITN’s Channel 5 News. My role as Assistant News Editor is to help shape the programme: anything from finding guests to going out and doing interviews my self. I also dealt with logistics, planning stories, working with cameramen, briefing our presenters on stories and researching longer term features. These are some of the stories that I have worked on and helped arrange.

Son of Yazidi community leader on the fate of the group

A true heroine of WWI – the campaign to recognise the bravery of the nurse who refused to take sides

New advice on where best to deliver your baby

TV star Caroline Aherne reveals she has lung cancer

No Nukes Oral History

The No Nukes Oral History Project  is an archive of interviews and documents chronicling the anti-nuclear power movements in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. I was part of the original news gathering mission in the summer of 2013. My job was to collect audio interviews, archive and take photographs of our interviewees. Now I  help update the website and create social media content to promote the project.

Social Media images made for sharing on Instagram


Correspondent for Mexican/Hispanic TV news

Desde el referendo en el Reino Unido sobre su membresía en la Unión Europea he hecho varias contribuciones en vivo traduciendo y explicando la política y las noticias de Inglaterra el público en México y los Estados Unidos. Mi trabajo requiere que comprenda completamente como se va desenvolviendo el #Brexit y explicarlo en Español para el público de Bloomberg TV / El Financiero, Imagen MX y Estrella TV en Los Ángeles.

The forgotten pygmy tribes of Uganda

As tourism booms for Uganda’s national parks and visitors flock to see the mountain gorillas, many Batwa warn that the price of a thrilling encounter with a gorilla in the wild is not just the $600 dent in a visitor’s pocket, it is also the humanitarian cost to an ancient people, displaced, living in poverty and largely forgotten by the authorities.

Multimedia project with Charlotte Stafford.

Read the whole project here: