One-woman Swiss army knife of multimedia storytelling tools and production skills.

Can work with photos, video, audio, code, websites, 360video, interactive storytelling tools, social media, produce a TV show, coordinate a crew or train a group of people on how to do all of the above.

Currently working with the badass crew at First Draft to help newsrooms navigate the age of information disorder, fight disinformation and more.

Passionate about diversifying the media and making sure we empower young women to find their voice. Loves cats, books, all sorts of nerdy things and finding new ways of telling stories.

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Work experience

Always been fascinated by cameras – always!

Studied photojournalism, portraiture and doc filmmaking at UT Austin in 2008-2009.

Cut my teeth running my Uni’s newspaper campus.mty and doing photo assignments on my own.

Spent a couple of years working as a wedding photographer and videographer.

First gig as a journalist was photographing the “lucha libre” (Mexican wrestling) for a newspaper.

First moved to the UK in 2011 to study an MA in Multimedia Journalism.

Have always self-funded interesting projects. Travelled on a reporting trip in East Africa in 2015.

Fascinated by new ways of telling stories, reaching people, teaching and learning how to responsibly report in an age of information disorder.


14 day text message course on how communities can protect themselves from disinformation

SMS teaching – click here

International Table Tennis World Cup London 2018

360 video – click here

Discrimination and the forgotten pygmy tribes of Uganda

Multimedia story – click here

On-screen broadcast journalist

English and Spanish examples – click here

¿Y dónde quedó el comunismo?

Photoessay – click here

“Paul on Politics” – KMTV

Weekly chat show tv producer – click here

Darkness over Germany

Short doc film – click here

Creator Soundcheck toolkit for Spotify aimed at helping podcasters avoid the pitfalls of disinformation around the US election

Toolkit + IGTV – click here

Teaching journalists how to spot disinfo

Youtube reel – click here

The politics of “post”-truth

Podcast on soundcloud – click here

PressPad masterclass sign up video

Interactive video – click here

Get in touch

If want to talk about the work I do as Training and Support Manager for First Draft please email me at

For everything else email me at or if you’re analog give me a ring on +447983264465.

My DM’s are open on Twitter and I reply super quickly on Instagram. Basically, I’m not hard to find. If you prefer there’s also a nifty contact form on the right that you can use.

About me

I was born and bred in Mexico and grew up in the gorgeous city of Monterrey, surrounded by mountains. I studied in Austin, TX and Virginia Tech before coming to the UK to study in 2011.

Innovative storytelling uses the best tech – whether it’s VR/AR or simple more analog media – to put people at the centre of a story. I believe in the power of stories to bring us together, make us think and bring about change.

I love talking to people, cameras, editing, software, fighting with data viz, cleaning spreadsheets and the rush of producing live television. I live in Kent with my cat-overlord @princessmccatface.